Het management van het Dames 7 programma heeft besloten om het contract met hoofd coach Gareth Gilbert, dat loopt tot 31 december 2013, niet te verlengen. De NRB heeft grote waardering voor de wijze waarop Gareth de afgelopen 3 jaar zijn taken vervult heeft en hoopt dat Gareth zijn talent en ervaring nu op andere gebieden binnen de NRB zal  gaan inzetten. Wij zijn hierover met Gareth in gesprek. In de komende maanden zal een opvolger voor Gareth aangesteld worden die het Dames VII programma naar de volgende fase moet brengen.

Gareth Gilbert:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NRB for giving me the opportunity to be the coach of the ladies 7’s program. It was a great honour and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I believe we achieved amazing things and I am very proud of what I was able to achieve with the team. I have learnt a lot over the last 3 years but believe I have also shared all the knowledge I have been able to and I am extremely proud to see the players and staff that i worked with develop to higher levels. To my team thank you for all the hard work and dedication, it is a pity we never reached the level we worked for but I know you are destined for great things!! To the staff I had the pleasure of working with thank you for your long hours and professionalism you showed and thank you for all your support. To all the supporters, families and friends who supported me through the years thank you for making it an amazing journey and I am sure we will meet again soon!! Finally to all my colleagues in the office at the NRB, who are usually working extremely hard to make sure this beautiful game continues to grow from strength to strength everyday!! Thank you!!

Lets get behind this team and help them fly!!

via Gareth Gilbert vertrekt als Hoofdcoach Dames VII Programma.