We are a week away from the Dubai 7’s Tournament and the team that will be competing is:


1. Mara Moberg

2. Elke van Meer

3. Inge Visser

4. Linda Franssen

5. Lorraine Laros

6. Annemarije van Rossum

7. Kelly van Harskamp

8. Dorrien Eppink

9. Anne Hielckert

10. Tessa Veldhuis

11. Pien Selbeck

12. Nicole Kwee


The team welcomes back Pien Selbeck and Tessa Veldhuis who have recovered from surgery and are now ready for action again after a lengthy time away. 


The teams in the Tournament are:


1. Netherlands

2. France

3. Kenya

4. Maple Leafs(Canada Development Team)

5. Iron Ladies (Ukraine)

6. Team Globaleye ( mix of Scottish and English Internationals)

7. Tuks (South African University)

8. Moscow Region (Russia)


The team plays 3 pool games against


1. Maple Leafs (Canada Development team)

2. The iron Ladies (Ukraine National side)

3. Team Globaleye (mix of scottish and english internationals)


We will keep you updated as the tournament goes on. Coach Gareth Gilbert says that this is a very important tournament for us as the IRB recently launched the Women’s World Series and unfortunately we did not make the 8 core teams so we have to really make sure we show them that we deserve to be there!! It is fustrating not to be there as we have beaten half the teams in the top 8 Tournament. The only way to prove ourselves is by performing and i am very confident that this team has what it takes to do that!! We have worked hard and we have prepared well for this part of our season and i know the players are really looking forward to playing again and taking another step forward.