The Netherlands players were delighted with the support of the home crowd as they won the Bowl on home soil – Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima

Sean Horan, New Zealand coach, on Series and Amsterdam wins: “It is pretty special, that was never a focus of ours, when we go back to Dubai it was just about building. We have some special girls and we’ve just come to learn. We are just getting better and better and that is the ideal. We are proud of the girls, a good bunch and we’re just enjoying the experiences.”

Huriana Manuel, New Zealand captain, on Series and Amsterdam wins: “We are always striving to our best and I am just really proud of the girls. We work very hard for each other and to take both trophies away is amazing and I couldn’t ask for more.”

Pavel Baranovsky, Russia coach, third place in Amsterdam: “It has been a good tournament because it is first time we have beaten England and Australia, two very good team. It is good for me and I am happy because my team now step by step go up. It is good preparation for Moscow.”

Vanesha McGee, USA captain and winning try scorer, Plate champions: “The first game [on day two] was rough, but we are pretty resilient and we bounced back, fought hard in the last two matches, so feeling happy about those wins and we now move forward to the World Cup with that energy. The World Series has shown that all the top teams are in contention and with Sevens anything can happen on any given day. I am immensely proud, we showed a lot of heart and passion for the game and each other.”

Netherlands head coach Gareth Gilbert, Bowl winners: “It’s fantastic to come back after the disappointment yesterday and I am so proud with how the team went today. We really focusses on the positives from the game with New Zealand, the determination to defend our line, the energy and how we took it to them. The tournament here is unbelievable, I am really proud and so happy for Dutch Rugby as it has had a huge impact.”


Barry Maddocks, England coach, Cup quarter finalists: “I am really chuffed with the girls, we started a bit sluggish this morning. We have brought a lot of different girls because we want to give them the opportunity to put their hands up for that and a lot of the girls in that game (against Canada) went ‘have a look at me Barry’. You have to defend against the top sides and that was a focus for us for that game. We knew Canada would come at us so that was good.”

Vanesha McGee, USA captain, three wins from three on day one: “Today has been good, hard fought in all three matches, we put a lot of work in, we came out on top and we’re feeling confident and proud of what we did today.  Our tournament last week let us get onto the front week this weekend, and it’s great that our hard work is paying off here. Everything is a team effort so we’re really looking to work together and put in some more scores tomorrow.”

Huriana Manuel, New Zealand captain, after beating China: “Day one has been very tough on us, we didn’t expect to start slow in the first game against Russia, we give them credit, as did China. We have a lot to work on but looking forward to our next game. Our policy is to do hot and colds, put our skins on, feet up and just recover for our next game.”

Kelly van Harskamp, Netherlands captain: “Really good feeling, first game done, nerves are gone, and now we keep going. Take a rest, and go for it against NZ and Russia. China were hard, we are through it and we are going.”

Jen Kish, Canada captain, after defeat to France: “We had a slow start, bit disappointed with our performance but we have to come out firing for our next match and stay composed. We are used to playing down, so it doesn’t really matter, it is just when we give the ball away and we don’t go forward that is what really kills us.”

Sharni Wiliams, Australia captain, after first match of the day: “It was what we wanted, we wanted to come out harder than we did in London. We came up against them in the first match in London and we lost there, so this was definitely a turn around for us. Today we showed we can play in the wet.”

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