Rugby club Etten-Leur host the hurting Amsterdam club in round 7.

REL will be happy to see the visit of the strugglers after their run of defeats culminating in their midweek loss to Ereklasse leaders the Dukes.

Alex Vieland REL captain told us after their midweek loss “Despite this loss, I am convinced that tomorrow during training we’ll find the switch to put on a good performance on Saturday against AAC.”

It is hard to see AAC coming back from their humbling 185 point loss to compete in this game. A bonus point win should be a certainty for REL.

Match prediction: REL win by 60pts





Passions will be running high in a game that could go a long way to deciding who will be relegated at the end of the season.

If Cas win, they will put real distance between themselves and the bottom three clubs, should Utrecht take advantage of their home field then they will pull themselves up and keep Cas in the relegation mire.

Cas were beaten last time out by Haagsche, whilst Utrecht were outclassed by high flying LRC DIOK.

We spoke to Obbe Weinkels, Cas coach about the game “This weekend will be a big tester for both teams. If both teams want to have any chance in getting to the top four they should win.”

“Castricum looks stronger every week only the results are a bit disappointing.”

“The you group of players need to keep there discipline and need to keep up there work rate.”

He continued “They should be able to give a nice rugby show again but they have to score more points. All players know the up coming match is important and the will do every thing within there power to go home with a win.”

Match prediction: draw


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Haagsche face a very awkward fixture against RC Eemland.

Eemland made ’t Gooi work very hard for their win last week and if Kieran Mattson’s men do the same thing again this week they may well get the win their tenacity deserves.

Haagsche have themselves pulled themselves back into the winners circle after a number of recent losses. Haagsche’s win over the young Castricumse team will give them much confidence.

Robin Raphael from Haagsche RC was kind enough to take some time out to pass on his thoughts about this game “It’s MUST WIN time for HRC, and they need the Bonus point to move up into the top Four. With only 19 points after 6 games the Haagenaars find themselves drifting further away from the top of the leader board.

Robin was keen to outline just how close this competition is “In their favour however is that this weekends games mean that the top four play one another and so two of the top half of the table must forfeit a game. If the rugby gods role their dice correctly then HRC can move up into 3rd spot, however the more likely outcome will leave them in 5th with only one point seperating the top 4!!! Eemland will be coming to the Hague hoping to spoil HRC,s party and will be fiercely competitive.”

He added “They could prove to be the Haagenaars bogyman, as the Hague has battled with newcomers like Eemland before. One only has to be reminded of Sparta last year who won 32 – 31 and then went on to be relegated at seasons end. HRC have it all to do but Eemland want to and can win this weekend. Luc their coach spent a year learning from the Blue Bulls and is an experienced campaigner. It’s one of those decisive games… Every season has one and this is it for the Hague. Prediction HRC by 15.”   

If Haagsche secure a win they will effectively make it a 5 team race for the 4 fianls positions. It really is a must win game for them.

Haagsche, could well be the victim of a smash and grab raid in this game.

Match prediction: Eemland by 12pts




Ereklasse leaders the Dukes travel to face fourth placed LRC DIOK in another fine contest in round 7.

The Dukes took the Ereklasse lead after their midweek win over REL.

DIOK will be looking to join them on points after the game has finished, such is the closeness of the teams at the top of the table.

DIOK have been steadily accumulating wins, they have not had the big wins of their rivals, but they have a solid game plan that will take some breaking down.

We spoke to Alex Chang, RC the Dukes Head Coach about this weeks game “”Diok at Diok is one of the toughest challenges in the Ereklasse, so our motivation for this game is very high. We have played much better recently and have been executing our game plan more consistently through out the game.”

He continued “We are looking forward to the challenge and we are confident we can put in a good performance.”

In what should be a tight affair, the Dukes should have too much upfront for their hosts.

Match prediction: the Dukes by 9pts



rchilversumIn the clash of the round and a possible grand final preview champions Hilversum host ’t Gooi in what should be a belter of a game.

Both sides enter the match in fine form, Hilversum scored a solid win over REL, while ’t Gooi had to work hard for their win over Eemland.

Johann du Plessis, the Hilversum captain summed up the weekends clash perfectly when we spoke to him “This Saturday is going to be one of the best games of the season. It doesn’t matter who is at the top or the bottom of the league, when Hilversum and ’t Gooi meet, it is always a big game!”

Johann added “The boys are really focused at training and you can feel the tension. We have three big games the coming weeks, ’t Gooi, the Dukes and Den Haag. And we want to start it with a win. It wont be easy, but these teams are contenders for the title and they will think the same as us. The team knows how important it is for the club to win this derby and we will do our best to give the supporters a good game and for ourselves to improve as a team.”

Allard Jonkers, ’t Gooi captain, has placed the pressure firmly on the home team ahead of the clash, he had this to say “As reigning champions all eyes are on Hilversum this season. It looks that after a not so promising start for them they got their game back on track. We know that playing Hilversum away means that it’s going to be physical.We certainly are ready for that.”

He continued “Our confidence after a consistence performance from our side is good. I believe that consistency will in the end decide the outcome of what is going to happen this season. This weekend we need full concentration for 80 minutes. Last weekend we had parts that we gave Eemland control. It’s important that we stay in control and we dictate the pace of the game. Interesting match and will give us a good idea where we at this early in the season.”

Gareth Gilbert Director rugby for ’t Gooi spoke to heavensgame after their win last weekend “The confidence showed by the team was good and our fitness again played a huge role in our performance. We are happy and looking forward to taking on our arch rivals Hilversum next weekend.”

Piet van den Deijssel from Hilversum gave us his view point on”Looking back the two fixtures from Hilversum and `t Gooi versus Eemland, Hilversum looked much stronger – Hilversum has more individual class and `t Gooi is more one team.”

He continued “If Hilversum has a good day as it did versus Utrecht – I think it will get an easy win for Hilversum – but if both teams have a good day it may be a very close game.”

One thing is for certain, on hearing from both captains, the spectators can expect quite a show!

Match prediction: Hilversum by 6pts