Amsterdam Sevens (22-23 May)

Ok this is a predictable choice. But is there an argument against inclusion? I don’t think so. This is arguably the most famous invitational sevens tourney in Europe.

The tournament is full before the turn of the year and incorporates the most eclectic mix of Sevens you can imagine. There is the cream of the crop including Samurai, Wailers, Marauders, Pups who are supplemented by such sides as Germany, Holland, Yugg (Russia).

Then you have the likes of Old Millfieldians, International Marauders, Susies Saloon and of course sides such as Leggys Legends!

Last year I was privileged to watch a team of Sevens front-rowers, many with international honours, take on a Chris Ashton inspired Samurai International, only in Amsterdam! On day 2, the big sides are drawn with one another and the real rugby begins but the hunt for tries on day 1 against the weaker sides is taken with great humour. Then there is the backdrop of the Amsterdam nightlife itself… well that’s for another day.