Hi everybody! I hope you all had a great New Year and settling in to 2013.

Amazing how time flys, I remember so well sitting in the stands after we had played all our games at the IRB Rugby World Cup in Dubai, reflecting what we did and what the future would bring. That the next World Cup seemed so far away, before you know it we are months away from the biggest event for Rugby 7s pre-olympics. Incredible to see how much has changed in those four years. Some massive steps have been made to make rugby 7s bigger and bigger. Very exciting!

Yesterday my team left to Houston for a training camp and the IRB Women Sevens World Series with a squad of 14 players. They will be training in Houston,Texas for two weeks before the tournament. Really cool to see two girls being capped for the first time; Paula Schouten and Jasmine van der Waal.

The team and coaching staff is being assisted by Scott Waldrom who played for the All Blacks 7s and 15s and 8 years of Super Rugby. He is staying with the team for a few weeks and after the Houston tournament he will be flying home to Wellington. He arrived last week in Amsterdam and we are happy to have somebody of his experience and knowledge helping the team.

Unfortunately I can’t go to Houston because of my injury. My groin injury has been taking a very long time to heal. It was very clear to see that I had an overburden in my groin. So with rest and specific physiotherapy it would slowly be ok. But weeks
turned in to months and I wasn’t responding to rehab and rest.

Not training with my teammates for months, has been difficult. It takes a lot of dicsipline not to force myself into training, I had to be patient, listen to my body and rest was the most important thing. I’m a teamplayer and love the banter and standing on the field and working hard together to reach our goals. For me not doing that has been hard.

I have to thank Sven Vos who is our physiotherapist who has worked with me over the last few months. He has been absolutly great, helped
me a lot in staying positive, motivated and keeping patient.

But I’ve got good news, I’m on the right track at the moment as I had surgery last Wednesday. I was diagnosed with a sports Hernia, that means I had a tiny hole in my grion. Something I developed over the years of training and had not shown on any of my scans and MRI’s.

A week after surgery I have been improving every day, hopefully in six weeks time I’ll be back on the pitch being recoverd from my surgery and being able to train and play, I can’t wait!

Being injured also has a postive side, I’m more motivated and have more fighting spirit that I ever had. It gives you lot’s of time to think and realise what you really want. Succes or progress can not be giving you have to work incredible hard for it, that is something that will stay with me.

Good luck everybody playing at the Womens Sevens World Series in Houston and the men playing at the Hertz Wellington Sevens!